Cush-A-Grip (Unavailable) - CG-10 thru CG-40 Cush-A-Grip

This product is unavailable from Unistrut. See below for substitution options.

Part No. Nom. Pipe Size Product Weight / Piece (lbs)
CG-10 1/4" 0.04
CG-20 3/8" 0.06
CG-30 1/2" 0.08
CG-40 3/4" 0.08

    General Specifications

    • Includes cushion, V-pad, and hardware
    • Temperature Rating:  -40°F to +275°F (-40°C to +135°C)

    Materials & Finishes


    • Cushion:  Thermoplastic elastomer
    • Hardware: Stainless steel with captured Nylon locknut

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