Double Base Trapeze - (Obsolete)

Part No. Material Max. Allowable Uniform Load - Lbs (kN) Max. Pipe Capacity
16-H Base HDG Hot-Dipped Galvanized 1600 16" ID 18" OD
16-H Base SS Stainless Steel 1600 16" ID 18" OD
6-H Base HDG Hot-Dipped Galvanized 300 6" ID 7 1/2"
6-H Base P Poly- carbonate 300 6" 7 1/2"
6-H Base SS Stainless Steel 300 6" ID 7 1/2" OD
8-H Base HDG Hot-Dipped Galvanized 700 8" ID 9" OD
8-H Base SS Stainless Steel 700 8" ID 9" OD
8-H-SB Base P Poly- carbonate 700 8" ID 9" OD

    General Specifications

    The Unipier products offer a great deal of flexibility. If you do not find an "off-the-shelf" support for your particular application, contact Unistrut with your requirements. We can design and build the proper support for your unique application.

    The following information is needed for Fabricated Pipe Stands

    1. Quantity of supports required (or total footage of pipe)
    2. Type of pipe
    3. Size of pipe and number of pipes per support
    4. Pipe contents
    5. Clearance height above roof
    6. Thickness of any insulation around pipe

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