RSS3 - Sleeper Support

Part No.

    General Specifications

    • The Unipier rooftop sleeper is a white rooftop support to reflect the sun's UV rays. It is cost-effective, lightweight and can be cut to the desired length while on the job site. 
    • The Unipier sleeper support is lightweight, just 3 lbs./3 ft. section, so it is easily transported to the job site. 
    • The suggested minimum length is 6" to provide adequate stability.
    • TEK screws or other self tapping fasteners are used to attach conduit supports, pipe clamps or other clamping fittings.
    • The Sleeper Support is not restricted to just pipe clamps. It makes a perfect companion for the Unistrut Roofwalk panels.
    • NOTE: Load not to exceed 146 lbs./ft
    • Position the grating on the Unipier sleeper support and insert the appropriate size hold down clip (G639, G607, or G620). Use a TEK screw to attach the hold down clip.
    • Grating can also be used to construct a platform for heavy equipment or even as a workstand.

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