SPF 300 - 3/8" Seismic Pivot Fitting

Part No. Rod Size Hole Diameter Finish
SPF 300-037 3/8" (10) 7/16" (11) EG
SPF 300-050 1/2" (13) 9/16" (14) EG
SPF 300-062 5/8" (16) 11/16" (18) EG
SPF 300-075 3/4" (19) 13/16" (21) EG

    General Specifications

    General Specifications:

    • Design load is limited to slip capacity of a channel nut at hole "R".
    • Allowable loads have been determined by the manufacturers testing, analysis and technical specifications at 45° from horizontal.
    • For retrofit applications, engineer of record must verify.
    • Square washer provided with fitting.
    • When a hanger rod is thru-bolted (in lieu of channel nut installation), higher transverse loads may be transmitted due to the higher allowed rod shear loads compared to channel nut slip values. This higher load may be used with verification through engineering calculations.

    Materials & Finishes

    Materials & Finishes:

    • Electrogalvanized (EG):  Conforms to ASTM B633, Type III SC1 or SC3

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