UP-MPDS - Support

Part No.
UP-MPDS Style Support


    Trapeze Installation

    • Align end holes of Unistrut P1000T on bases and attach using supplied hardware. Torque screw to 19 ft./lbs.
    • Place pipe/tubing on support and attach with appropriate pipe/tubing clamp.


    • The maximum uniform load on P1000T is 400 lbs.
    • Uniform load is limited by roof base allowed load of 200 lbs. (5 psi on roof).

    NOTE: Kits do not include pipe/tubing or clamps.

    You can even use the Unipier support for multiple tasks. Here we have a grating walk and a piece of electrical conduit attached to the sleeper.

    Unipier Grate Conduit

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