Unistrut Seismic Bracing


HCAI (California Health Care Access and Information)

OSHPD (California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development)

LARR 26208


City of Los Angeles, California

Department of Building and Safety

Unistrut is a global leader in seismic bracing solutions and we have supported the industry for decades. Our seismic bracing solution, system and products have been pre-approved for use in critical Health Care facilities and many other applications. Our pre-approvals include an OPM from OSHPD (HCAI) and a LARR from LADBS. You may find these pre-approvals and pre-approved values and pages throughout this webpage.

This website is designed to be a simple, interactive tool to support your seismic bracing needs.

Why choose Unistrut seismic bracing?

  1. Versatility:  Use for pipe, conduit, tube, cable tray ductwork and more
  2. Ease-of-Use:  Simple and quick design process, reference the below links
  3. Convenience:  National distribution and Unistrut products are commonly already on the job-site
  4. Cost Savings:  Simple design process and superior products reduce costs in design, materials and installation



Seismic Products



     Brace Fittings



     Rod Stiffeners

     Pipe & Conduit

     Cable Tray



     Metal Deck

     Steel Beam

     Wood Beam

Seismic Catalogs & Pre-Approvals




LARR 26208


Seismic Products